jubilee zinevella, 2nd edition


jubilee zinevella is a work in progress, a story i am writing and then wrapping in artifacts and remnants, suspended on strong wires with usb-cord protectors and words made of letter beads a la candy-raver bracelets curled around them

this blog post is part of the second edition. 6 months after its first version, this project is inflected with more distance, shadows, haze

i put out the first edition and its concomitant blog post august 2019;

story suspended on beaded wire strings, wrapped in fabric

, i asked artists and friends i respect and admire if they would like one

ppl who said yes, i sent them a copy, wrapped in found gold foil and bubble wrap and S.W.A.K. off to the post office  (only one that i know of was lost in the mail/stolen from a doorstep after delivery)

the story wasn’t finished yet. the wip was and is still in progress.

i worked on the story for a few months more and wanted to send out another edition around the new year. Before i started fashioning this round of concrete objects a few months ago i reached out to the ppl i had sent the first editions to and asked them if they would like to contribute to round 2 in the form(s) of: things/ideas/adventures that might want to live in the story; favorite words to wrap around its wires; pretty trash and other remnants to incorporate into the zinewear; and ppl that might like a copy of the second edition.

i am very grateful to giovanna olmos, jade novarino, taryn tomasello, garima thakur, anima correa, and tabitha nikolai for their kind contributions to this second edition, and to all the artists and friends who were willing to bring the first edition of jubilee zinevella  into their lives/worlds.

looking forward to where jubilee zinevella second edition goes, once it goes out into the world as did its predecessor, into the hands of more artists and friends i respect and admire

here in this blog post it lives together. take a look if you like

this round’s unboxing vid, cozy february 2020:


the A/V book/incantation of the story, read in the same cozy february 2020:

…and scans of each zinewear, named as before according to the words i strung in letter beads along their handles; one by one, front and back, this time presented in almost-alphabetical order since that’s where my filing system landed;

thanks again to jade novarino of conduit/penny press for letting me use her giant scanner and her nailpolish collection, so fun and deep (the scanner and the nailpolish collection and the experience of being at conduit and being so generously offered access to them)

here they are:

  1. bobbi jumpi

bobbi jumpi 1bobbi jumpi 2

2.  bumpy charm

bumpy charm 1bumpy charm 2

3. caterpillar mist

caterpillar mistcaterpillar mist 2

4. chug fog & vibe muck

chug fog and vibe muck 1chug fog and vibe muck 2

5. dear fury

dear fury 1dear fury 2

6.  energy panorama (for samimi– inside is a blank book called “mimi’s dreams”)

energy panorama 1energy panorama 2

7. gadget castle

gadget castle 1gadget castle 2

8. goof sky tmi

goof sky tmi 1goof sky tmi 2

9. math soup

math soup 1math soup 2

10. movie bubble

movie bubble 1movie bubble 2

11. path vision

path vision 2path vision 1


12. plaid pantry

plaid pantry 1plaid pantry 2

13. poppy mappy

poppy mappy1poppy mappy2

14. quic fidjit

quic fidjit 1quic fidjit 2

15. sry lvr

sry lvr 1sry lvr 2

16. syzygy kappa

syzygy kappa 1syzygy kappa 22

17.  vicks & faxvicks fax 1vicks fax 2

18. vroommm dudevroom dude 1vroom dude 2

19. majorly achey (scanned on my parents’ scanner with different fingernail look, maybe gave away by jade as per my request)

majorly achey 1majorly achey 2

❤ there u have it! reach out if u have any qs or answers

❤ victoria

jubilee zinevella wip

jubilee zinewear

i’ve been thinking about jubilee for awhile– the xmen character Jubilee was my favorite back when my brother got the comic books in the early 90s. She seemed cool, her and Gambit

It was probably around that same time that i first heard of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee as well, the 50th year of her queenhood, a big celebration. I’m not sure if I knew about biblical jubilee by then but if not it came soon after, and that was the best jubilee of all to me– a forgiveness of debts

i read it or valued it as a regularly-scheduled reset pattern embedded in social time. or maybe that’s more a way the concept impressed itself to me as i mulled it

anyway, this idea of jubilee has been resting with me and bubbling up, i think it’s important to consider. so i’ve been considering it, and in my way, i have made something of this thought, woven slash tangled around some other ribbons of thought and feeling, memory and imagination i’ve got going on. where these thoughts and how i feel about them /act on them/ write about them/ make in order to hold them has gotten me, you can see or reach towards below.

it started off as a story, it’s a story about a person on a decidedly nonlinear quest at a future-fictional version of burning man 2020. i named it jubilee, and one of the places i keep the story is in a gdoc which you can see a version of here if you like. after working on this story very slowly and sporadically for years, it was getting to the time where 2020 didn’t feel much like the future anymore, it was creeping up quickly, and i was feeling a little urgency to “do something with” the story somehow while it could still seem speculative. something about having it set in 2020 and having 2020 be the future was important to me for whatever reason, certain plot elements play factors probs

and an opportunity to do something with it presented itself this summer, when I went to the Art Farm Nebraska for a residency type thing. I had initially applied to Art Farm with a friend to work together on bringing new life into a long-dormant epic poem collab we had started on MySpace back in oh 06 or so– but she ended up not being able to make it, and so I had this time on my hands to do something with Jubilee.

I knew I wanted to print it in zine form, center stapled and I wanted to call it a zinevella, zine+novella mal- or slant-portmonteau (a la chocoholic)

i knew i wanted to customize copies to give away to artists and friends i respect and admire but i didn’t have a real sense of what I wanted to do customize-wise until one day in maybe late July when i was grumpy i did a strange stretchy dance on my front porch to soothe myself and a few minutes later the idea / materials / making-way made it into my head:

a la book jackets, the floppy flat sturdy pages that curl around hardbacks, i thought i could make zinewear, which i envisioned as more femme and purselike protective structures, with long looping handles and a wire suspension to catch the center of the book on. this was a couple weeks before i left for art farm so i started collecting the materials: welding wire and ring terminals from my bosses and vendors in the mechanic shop at the tree farm i work for day job, candy beads and fabric from my stash, various implements, scissors etc and I packed it all up. i got a couple more things in grand island once i got to nebraska, too, clothes from the thrift shop to cut up.

once i got to the art farm, i was lucky that i had the time and space and things to make something pretty similar to what i had envisioned, including some relics below: a reveal video, an unboxing video, scans of the front and back of each zinevella in their zinewear; i also planned on having a videobook of me reading jubilee aloud there to share, but my computer didn’t accept the file, so i had to re-do it here once I arrived back in Boring, Oregon, in my parents’ side yard.

Anyway, this is all a WIP, I like the zinewear and i’m gonna keep working on the story cause it needs it and especially the reading-aloud process helped me get a better sense of what and how i want to edit– i had thought somehow it would be cool or important to *not* edit it much, and maybe it was, but now i think it might be time. so feel free to check back at the link above to track changes, and in the meantime or whenever, you can also see Jubilee zinevella in its various forms as it was in mid August 2019 below  ❤

reveal vid:


and the unboxing vid, seeming very happy and relaxed, i had such a good time at Art Farm Nebraska : ) :

and scans of each zinewear, named according to the words i strung in letter beads along their handles; one by one, front and back, on an old scanner that allowed for some fun approaches, in the order i scanned them in:

  1. flower love (belongs to Samimi)

flower love 1flower love 2

2. vocal cave

vocal cave 1vocal cave 2

3. moody and fancy

moody and fancy 1moody and fancy 2

4. tinkerbell

tinkerbell 1tinkerbell 2

5. hummingbird

hummingbird 1hummingbird 2

6. part fake

part fake 1part fake 2

7. disco flag

disco flag 1disco flag 2

8. numb jig

numb jig 1numb jig 2

9. rock dove music

rock dove 1rock dove 2

10. this woozy

this woozy 1this woozy 2

11. plur moodz

plur moodz 1plur moodz 2

12. prank meme

prank meme 1prank meme 2

13. urge pact

urge pact 1urge pact 2

14. gnomic binge

gnomic binge 1gnomic binge 2

15. xtc jester

xtc jester 1xtc jester 2

16. mock vampy

mock vampy 1mock vampy 2

17. witch hymn

witch hymn 1witch hymn 2

18. aqua sox

aqua sox 1aqua sox 2

19. squid kid

squid kid 1squid kid 2


as the scanning process progressed, it was fun to play with hand placement and movement and watch smeary rainbows and extra fingers emerge in the images–

i think they turned out nice, i love making scanner art

one more piece of this collection: the videobook i made reading the story aloud, captured in ~10min sections– a link to the youtube playlist thereof here, and below the too-long description i tried to include as the playlist description:

welcome to the audiobook version of jubilee zinevella wip recorded in my parents’ side yard on the night of August 25th! this was the 3rd time i had read this zinevella out loud into the photo booth program of my macbook– the first two times (first up in the treehouse at Art Farm Nebraska, second at Dodge Park where the Bull Run and Sandy Rivers converge) i read until the battery was dead and/or the memory was full — the first time the file was invisible, the second unreadable, so this time i did it in littler slivers of time/energy and guess what 3rd time’s a charm 🙂 i’m a little sleepy at the end of a long weekend, and the sound is a little choppy and muffled from the rustling of the pages and the weight of them sometimes hiding the mic from my voice or vice versa. enjoy as you can given these conditions and the rest of the conditions in your life! it’s a story about a person on a decidedly nonlinear quest at a future-fictional version of burning man 2020 ❤ xoxo (if you are watching this beyond 2020, imagine it in a future-fictional version of burningman one year ahead of you)

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.40.54 AM

all this with made with PLUR and other fond feelings from me ❤

will bubble

i’m not the only one good at guessing middle names or good at getting satisfaction from it to boot

two french braids

she parted my hair freestyle

shiny waves the next daypersonal


annoyingly soulmate

24/7 connection includes pockets of deadzone,

how the thing is a subgenre of its opposite and vice-versa


“they accept one another in their mysterious silences,” she tweeted, for what reason, cozy with quotes

tilting through the seasons

our orbital coils


hidden punctuation

the internet is disappearing


poems read backwards but how

paragraph scrambler

words with friends



primary grey



april showers bring may flowers

the drop of water down the back of jeff goldblum’s hand



THX sound for the first time at the mall theater in 6th grade


the way it whined down to prove itself, sonorously

clackamas town center

forrest gump summer


jurassic park theme song on the saxophone in 7th grade school band

what did she play? clarinet.


i told her ghost on facebook today,

“holding memories of us close to the surface,”

but it’s all a swirling nearbyness–


death’s uncanny valleys


feeling spotblind


but then , following the creek past the gravel on the side of the drive, thru the fir grove where we climbed trees defiantly, hid in them, there you are

your magnetic backyard, the trampoline, the treelined sunshine

your mom’s lop warren to the side there, we never really went in anymore,


physical presence in the form of surroundings

as they say, a sense of place


o how your suite of feelings fascinated and preoccupied me!

your handwriting and your maudlin disdain

moments of confident hyperfocused taste, how much you loved what you loved


maybe it was the strength of the love that skewed the rest

mutant dandelions only

downpours only





boring 1





the piece of furniture called a vanity

the way we bonded over our answer to the quiz question about how many times a day we looked in a mirror


Miley’s candy-raver phase, mirror @ Miley in my google drive:


if u like, take a peek


surfaces say so much, i love to think about how facades operate and why, for instance


shirts and skins,

film and screen

the holographic principle



reflection, reaction refraction, i sang into garageband in like 2009

from underneath a mosquito net, most likely

membranes and their capacities and objectives

boundaries and why



yearn fruit




use the resources u have available

a magnet’s memory suffers from sticky-shed syndrome


the voices in my head these days are famous and singing, mostly

also Kim Caldwell saying “deep healing breath” during archangelology podcasts


when I say my name like “Tori Reis” occasionally it turns into the refrain, my biggest highschool crush lying on the daylight basement carpet next to me in 1998, so drunk on Seagram’s Gin, saying my name over and over out of the blue, lullaby-like in its assonance, e long twice

fell asleep to the sound of my name, too afraid (of what?) to make a move


ours is a scavenger’s language


sometimes the voices in my head are memories of things my friends said, their lilts and intonations, their asemic and interstitial sounds, various laughters


venus in pisces




mercury in gemini

so many generational planets in libra, oh heavens

she said, “but that mean mars!” and grimaced w real visceral sympathy for me, it seemed


hovering far away, spinning so strongly

the weak force and the strong force, churning in time


friendship’s trajectories

long tails trailing or looping like ribbon diagrams,

curly energy

making bracelets, giving strings


Mo Mumbles back at the beach again

sharing pictures of the ocean waves on Facebook

he seems so happy






love is real

the deer visited the field while we kissed after our picnic

after we carried the cooler up the trail together

i could feel the clearing or hoped i could, and there it was

late summer afternoon

i brought beers chose just for you, and you did the same for me

delicious vegetarian things, dubliner cheese


what could it be but a love story?

6 months later i finally put it into words:

snacks are my love language


emotional nourishment

and the matchy-matchy of it;

i tried to play it cool but i knew it was 9/9 again


exactly six years earlier we sat in a small plane together, about to skydive,

i knew i was going to kiss you when we landed


you told me a few weeks later that on the beach that day you felt our forever, like it unfolded out around you, you were so certain and so sad because

i knew you were right but i ran away anyway, riding on that old adage






you pushed me around the parking lot in a shopping cart and it felt like love

in the earliest of 00s


cut to today:


remember when i said i wanted to go to Spencer Fluid Power?

when i got to Tacoma Screw 2 minutes later, they only had 3 of the 4 half-inch brass tee fittings i needed to bring back to the fab shop

“where do i need to go for the other one?” i asked,

as is the custom


“Spencer Fluid Power,” the parts guy said


Spencer Fluid Power was having a take your Glorious Golden Retriever to Work day

But they didn’t have the fitting

So they sent me to Pacific Hose and Fittings, who did


#coolstory #truepartschase


having all kinds of day on the same day:

pretend you’re a sloth in the afternoon day

talk about houseboats with the lonely electrician day

cornflower blue car red light confusion day

contacts backwards day


bought two new books today on break, by

Marwa Helal and Saidiya Hartman

when i got home

found Jackie Wang’s Carceral Capitalism that I had misplaced and been yearning to find


key takeaway:


how does it feel like


like attracts like